• kolatrader


    Private Trader — Educating and inspiring others to trade their way to financial freedom.

  • Kala Jerzy

    Kala Jerzy

    Writer based in New York. In her short stories, she likes to explore the notions of belonging and identity. She is interested in dreams and time.

  • Cecile Neita Levee

    Cecile Neita Levee

  • Umut Can Yilmaz

    Umut Can Yilmaz

  • Jenny M. Chan

    Jenny M. Chan

  • Michael Tabirade

    Michael Tabirade

    I am a self-published Author aiming to provide the ambitious with a system forSuccess! Sharing thoughts on how to position yourself for a Growth Mindset

  • Mohammed Abubakar Bin Qasim

    Mohammed Abubakar Bin Qasim

  • Dean Frost

    Dean Frost

    Wellbeing and Body transformation specialist www.fitnessfrost.co.uk

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